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About our Company

VEM Medical is part of the VEM Group, a global provider of high-quality medical mold tooling and cleanroom injection molding. VEM partners with medical device companies across 3 continents to provide prototyping, plastic injection molding with tools we build in-house, medical part assemblies, quality- and functional testing of medical devics.

For over 20 years VEM has focused on customer satisfaction as our number on priority. We provide all-in-one solutions that start with guidance on your product in regards to manufacturability.   An on-site tool shop enables the quick development of prototype to production molds as well as maintenance and repairs.  

A highly experienced international team, best-in-class equipment, and rigorous quality help VEM deliver solutions to the toughest tooling and molding challenges.  Our operation is ISO 13485 certified with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom.

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