VEM Manufacturing in Thailand

For over 13 years we have operated our manufacturing plants in Thailand. Amazed by Thailand’s large medical device manufacturing community, we operate our wholly-owned production facility in Rayong, Thailand.
The largest port in Thailand, called Laem Chabang Port, is just a 30-minute drive away from our facility.

As Thailand has grown in favor of medical device manufacturing, so did we. Over the years we have extended our production with an ISO class 8 cleanroom, assembly lines, and state-of-the-art testing equipment for the medical industry.

Many large medical device and healthcare manufacturers are located within a short distance of our facility.

VEM factory in Thailand


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Advantages of Manufacturing in Thailand

The advantages of manufacturing in Thailand are plenty and yet each of them has an immense weight. There is an undeniable reason behind the growth of the medical device manufacturing industry in Thailand. Let’s take a look at what makes this location so strategically attractive:

  • Skilled workforce
    Educated and skilled labor, especially in the medical sector.
  • Welcoming and open economy
    The systems and infrastructure for organizations are mature and accessible.
  • Stable government
    Progressive and innovative it actively promotes the development and socio-economic progress.
  • Quality infrastructure
  • Lower cost of labor and reduced import taxes
  • Ease of import/export of raw materials and components
  • Strategic location in Southeast Asia
    Located in the middle of Asia, Thailand’s harbors are the gateway for international trade

Partnering with VEM in Thailand

VEM is an established name in the medical device manufacturing and mold-making industry since 1998. The US wholly-owned family company has currently 5 operating facilities around the world.

As a proven contract manufacturing partner in the medical device industry, we have the capacity to grow with the life cycle of your product.
Flexibility and rich experience ensure your project runs smooth and worry-free.

Contract Manufacturing

Our in-house medical mold manufacturing gives you cost & time to market advantages. Never worry about corrections, repairs, or the appropriate maintenance of your molds again.