Medical molds

Inhouse-made medical molds are what helped us grow medical parts molding & assembly for years.  Being able to use our 100% owned mold manufacturer to build our molds makes us independent. At any given time we have full control over the molds, extensive quality control, and materials.

The enormous success and increasing performance are accredited to the amazing team in Thailand, led by Milind Patil, who has a long history in the medical field.
Optimization, rigorous quality testing, and a professional approach to solving problems have always been our key ingredients.

Large medical companies such as Danaher Corporation, Cepheid Inc, Foamtec Medical, Freudenberg Medical, and many others love our medical molds. Give us a visit or schedule a call to learn about the interesting projects we are doing.

Prototyping of medical molds

Many successful projects start with a prototype mold, to validate the idea and manufacturing capabilities. That is why we have adapted the most important and efficient technologies to quickly build a prototype medical mold. If you are unsure about your process, why not starting with an inexpensive and quickly made prototype?

We currently offer:

Soft steel prototype molds

Aluminum prototype molds

3D printed prototypes (Check out our case studies with 3D printed inserts)

High-tech equipment

This 100% USA-owned mold manufacturer has been in the medical mold field for 20 years and is part of our success story. The newest equipment and automation, coupled with an experienced team, support us with high-quality medical molds. Over the years the machine park has been upgraded to the highest level of precision with almost entirely Japanese and Swiss machines.


Only the most precise quality control machines can ensure the high precision our medical products require. There is no room for surprises when it comes to health. Our 3 new Hexagon CMMs from Sweden are a great help.

Our 5 new GF high-precision sinker EDMs from Switzerland can hold tight tolerances and allow us to take on complex and demanding parts.

Wire-cutting with precision is a key part of many medical parts, as there is no room for deviations. 3 new GF swiss made WEDMs are contributing to high-precision medical molds.